Clear Valley Hops, About Us
Truly Canadian hops grown on a farm at the base of the Blue Mountains in Ontario Canada for sale online

Our 74-acre farm is located at the base of the Blue Mountains in Nottawa, Ontario, just 2 minutes outside Collingwood. We currently have over 18 varieties, fed by the waters of the Pretty River. The terroir of Georgian Bay comes through in the unique flavours of our hops. Lemon vanilla in our Kent Golding, orange and fruit in our Willamette, and great alpha acids in our Wild Turkey. This is what makes truly Canadian beer! We are a family owned business that prides itself on as little processing of the hops as possible, in order to maintain high oil and flavour content. We dry at low heat and we use a unique cold press pelletizing process that preserves the oil and lupulin, as compared to the pellets from the Pacific Northwest*.


All of our hops are harvested, dried, pelletized, nitrogen flushed, and packaged in oxygen and UV barrier bags within 24 hours of harvest!  The freshest hops in the world!

"Yes, we really are a Canadian hop grower!"

High Quality, Artisan

Finishing Hops

"...when you brew with Clear Valley Hops,

your beer is TRULY CANADIAN!"

Proud supplier to some of Canada's best craft brewers

*preliminary trials by Agriculture Canada 2012

This is a replica Kent Oast created by Clear Valley Hops for drying the hops at low temperatures preserving the oil
The Wild Turkey hops variety from Clear Valley Hops in Nottawa Ontario Canada
Laurie Thatcher-Craig and John Craig are the owners of Clear Valley Hops at the base of the Blue Mountains near Collingwood Ontario Canada