Wet Hops

Wet hopping is when you add fresh hops to the fermentor to impart flavor and aroma to the finished beer. The fresher the hops, the better the impact on flavor. The closer you are to picking time at the farm, the truer your beer will be to the definition of “Wet Hopping”.

Clear Valley Hops is within a 2 hour drive of the greater Toronto area at the base of the Blue Mountains. So if you are within that vicinity, you should consider exploring “Wet Hopping”.

The principles of wet hopping are the same as for dry hopping. The hops are added to secondary (or to primary after fermentation is complete) 3-5 days before racking. The main difference is the hops are fresh, known as  "wet" – and it is that unique freshness that will give your beer a more vibrant aroma and cleaner flavour.
Fresh hops weigh 4-6 times more than dry hops, so this needs to be taken into account when weighing. 
With fresh “wet” hops, the most important quality that makes brewers excited to get their hands on them, is the freshness of the volatile oils. This experience with wet hopping can only happen when you are close to a Hop Plantation like Clear Valley Hops.


The harvest time of hops is different for each variety.  If you are interested in “wet Hops”  please contact us to make arrangements

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