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Farm fresh Canadian Cascade hops for sale online in Ontario Canada
Farm fresh Canadian hops grown and sold in Canada
Huray for Beer made from Clear Valley Hops, and sold online in Canada
Farm fresh hops available onlne for sale truly grown and available in Canada

"Not all hops are created equal..."

Our locally grown, and freshly harvested hops are not going to be the same as those sitting in warehouses for who knows how long.

            Hops create their own unique flavours from sun, wind, rain and soil. A hop grown in one part of the world could have a very different taste than one grown in a totally different region, even if it is the same variety. For example, the Hallertau grown in Germany will not have the exact same taste as the Hallertau grown in Canada.  But that is the adventure of brewing beer isn’t it? A craft, that inspires those who brew, to search for their own unique flavour. In addition, our low heat drying process, and unique whole leaf pelletizing, brings out the most flavour available from the hops.