Farm fresh Canadian Chinook hops for sale online in Ontario Canada
Farm fresh Canadian hops grown and sold in Canada

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada
• Hop Variety: Chinook
• Harvest Year: 2017
• Hop Format: Cold Press Pellets
• Alpha acids: 10.90, Beta acids: 3.30

• Flavour: the “go to” of bittering hops. Full of spices reminiscent of the spice trails of the Far East

with pine overtones.

• Aroma: Moderate - High spicy, piney, grapefruit tones.

• Harvest: Mid to Late season.

• Substitute: Galena, Nugget, Cluster hops.
• Beer Styles: Pale Ales, Lagers, IPA, Steam beer, and heavy bodied dark ales.