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We believe ‘Hop X’ is a mutation. Mutations are rare, but do occur in hops. The conditions of the 2012 drought, the uniqueness of the soil on our plantation, and the microclimate we experience there, has created something unique. No test tubes or genetic patents. Just something Mother Nature decided was important for Ontario to have. Please Enjoy this Ontario creation.

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada
• Hop Variety: Hop X
• Harvest Year: 2017
• Hop Format: Cold Press Pellets
• Alpha acids: 6.70, Beta acids: 4.51

• Flavour: Simar to Lychee Fruit

• Aroma: Mild and pleasant
• Substitute: Sunset Gold
• Beer Styles: English Ales, ESB, Pale Ales, Porters, Stouts

Clear Valley Hops Plantation

Ontario, Canada

Canadian Owned - Family Operated

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