Store/Mount Hood

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada
• Hop Variety: Mount Hood
• Harvest Year: 2017
• Hop Format: Cold Press Pellets
• Alpha: 5.88, Beta: 7.06

• Flavour: Spicy, earthy flavours of clay and stones, are the hallmarks of the Mt. Hood hop.  A noble aroma from the Hallertauer lineage. If you are looking for subtlety and a clean flavour, Mt. Hood is a great choice.

• Aroma: Clean, mild spice/flora] with woodsy pine tone, like German Hallertauer
• Substitute: Crystal, Hersbucker.

• Beer Styles: Lager, Pilsner, Bock, US Wheat, Alt, Munich Helles

Clear Valley Hops Plantation

Ontario, Canada

Canadian Owned - Family Operated

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