Harvest Year: 2018
Variety: Fuggle
Format: Farm Fresh Pellets
Alpha/Beta: 3.75/3.03

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada

• Hop Variety: Fuggle 2018 Inventory

• Alpha acids: 3.75, Beta acids: 3.03

• Flavour: A lineage as noble as the House of Windsor, Fuggle has its origins from 19th Century England. Soft grass and the woods of Sherwood Forest bring the balance to your traditional ales and lagers.

• Aroma: Mild, pleasant, hoppy, robust hop with wood and fruit tones

• Substitute: Willamette, Stvrian Goldlna, Tettnanger

• Beer Styles: All English Style Ales, ESB, Bitter, Lager, European type ales. The alternative to citrus flavored beers.

Fuggle 1lb Farm Fresh Pellets

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