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Farm fresh Canadian Wet hops for sale online in Ontario Canada
Farm fresh Canadian hops grown and sold in Canada

Group Tours will soon be starting for the 2019 season and will be by appointment only this year. Group tours will require a minimum of 10 people. Please submit the form to request a group tour with your details.


Location: 4082 County Road 124, Nottawa, Ontario

Hops are one of the most labour intensive crops in the world. Hands on…all the time! They are a wonder to see, as they can grow as much as 12 inches in a single day, and reaching 20 feet in less than 6 weeks. Learn about how hops are grown globally and also right here in Ontario. Learn how hops are harvested and processed for the brewing industry, and view our replica Kent Oast, the first of its kind in North America.

This is where great beer begins, with hops from Clear Valley Hops. So we hope you will take the time to book a group tour with us, and get a better understanding of what goes into your beer! Please note: Our farm is not allowed to give beer samples due to government regulation. However, there are number of craft breweries just a few minutes from our farm and would be pleased to let you sample and tour their brewing facilities.

View our replica Kent Oast, the first of its kind in North America

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