"The Oast...  Symbolic for all that is beer..."

Clear Valley Hops at the base of the Blue Mountains near Collingwood Ontario has constructed a replica of a British Oast, a centuries old structure that still exists in England today.


The Oast is used to dry the hops. The Oast cowl turns (the white hat on top) with the wind to draw air through the hops, helping to dry them at low temperatures.


It has the time-tested technology to turn its back on the wind, which prevents rainwater from entering the drying chamber. During WWII the cowls, which were historically always painted white, were ordered by the government to be painted black in order to prevent the Germans from using them as navigation points.


Clear Valley Hops is proud to have constructed this historic replica Oast. Our low temperature drying technique, and passion to preserve the essential oils in our hops, is achieved by using this centuries old tradition.


"...when you brew with Clear Valley Hops, your beer is TRULY CANADIAN!"

Clear Valley Hops, 4082 County Road 124

Nottawa, Ontario

Canadian Owned - Family Operated

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