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For centuries, before the invention of the hammer mill and pelletizer, hops were used whole when brewing beer. The hammer mill is a device, that grinds the hops into a powder, and the pelletizer forms that powder into a pellet that resembles rabbit food.


This process worked much better for the large-scale brewers, as their equipment could not handle large particles during the draining process. However, when you hammer mill and turn those hops into powder, a lot of the oil and lupilin is lost and degraded.


In recent years, the use of whole leaf hops has come back in vogue as brewers attempt to get as much flavour as possible out of their hops.  The only problem is the whole leaf floats on top, and the oil is not dispersed as well. Brewers have to deal with a cleaning process that is far more difficult and time consuming than they imagined.


​In order for Clear Valley Hops to provide the best pelletized hops on the market, we have invested in a state of the art, Cold Pressed Processing system.  This new way of pelletizing hops, is turning a lot of heads in the brewing industry.


The Cold Pressed Processing System provides the benefit of the whole leaf flavour by intensifying the oils but in a convenient pellet form.  It satisfies both the brewer who has equipment restrictions, and those looking for whole leaf hops.


​This new process in initial tests by Agriculture Canada has shown greater amounts of oil when compared to the traditional hammer mill and pelletizing process widely used elsewhere. At Clear Valley Hops, all of our hops are processed using the cold pressed system,  Nitrogen flushed and vacuum-sealed to preserve the greatest amount of flavour, then flash frozen within 24 hours of harvest! 

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