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Farm fresh Canadian Wild Turkey hops for sale online in Ontario Canada

Once native to Ontario, the wild turkey disappeared from the province about 100 years ago. In 1984 the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, launched a reintroduction program that began with just 274 birds. This has been one of the most successful reintroductions in history.  When we purchased our farm a few years ago we found a hop growing wild among the habitat of some wild turkeys.  We don’t know what this hop is, but it tested high, in alpha acid in preliminary tests (13-16%), so we called it Wild Turkey.
If you are looking for a bittering hop that is “wild”, and really local, this is it!

Farm fresh Canadian hops grown and sold in Canada

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada
• Hop Variety: Wild Turkey
• Harvest Year: 2017
• Hop Format: Cold Press Pellets
• Alpha acids: 14.00, Beta acids: 4.77

• Flavour: Dual purpose hop with clean bittering for the boil

• Aroma: When utilized as an aroma hop notes of mango, peach and slight citrus are apparent

• Substitute:
• Beer Styles: IPA, Brown