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Once native to Ontario, the wild turkey disappeared from the province about 100 years ago. In 1984 the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, launched a reintroduction program that began with just 274 birds. This has been one of the most successful reintroductions in history.  When we purchased our farm a few years ago we found a hop growing wild among the habitat of some wild turkeys.  We don’t know what this hop is, but it tested high, in alpha acid in preliminary tests (13-16%), so we called it Wild Turkey.
If you are looking for a bittering hop that is “wild”, and really local, this is it!

• Farm: Clear Valley Hops Plantation, Ontario, Canada
• Hop Variety: Wild Turkey
• Harvest Year: 2017
• Hop Format: Cold Press Pellets
• Alpha acids: 14.00, Beta acids: 4.77

• Flavour: Dual purpose hop with clean bittering for the boil

• Aroma: When utilized as an aroma hop notes of mango, peach and slight citrus are apparent

• Substitute:
• Beer Styles: IPA, Brown

Clear Valley Hops Plantation

Ontario, Canada

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